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Ethiopian space science society was established in 2004, with 47 founding members. It is a non-profitable organization constitute of members from Astronomy , Astrophysics , Space Science and technology and related field of professionals as well as individual and institutional members interested in the above fields. The society has more than 10,000 individual  members, 28 branches associations, 52 institutional members  and 100 school space clubs

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Our News

\NASA Takes Grassroots Approach To Future Spacesuits

NASA’s most successful have been very much safety- and mission-driven. Some have been worn inside a spacecraft during launch and entry in case of decompression, to enable mission abort and astronaut rescue.

Seven Earth-Like Planets orbiting one Star

TRAPPIST-1b and c, the innermost worlds, are likely to have rocky cores and be surrounded by dense atmospheres thicker than Earth’s. Lying close to their star, the hottest worlds probably have thick, steamy atmospheres, while the most distant ones could be covered in ice. …

A new age of space exploration

THE MOMENT when, 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong planted his foot on the surface of the Moon inspired awe, pride and wonder around the world. This newspaper argued that “man, from this day on, can go wheresoever in the universe his mind wills and his ingenuity contrives…

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