ESSS was established in 2004. The memory is still fresh in our minds that ESSS was dismissively referred to at the time as “The Crazy People’s Club”, because of the prevailing perception which held that not only was the idea impractical but the objectives and tasks were inappropriate as well.

This perception was not confined to Ethiopia alone, as our students (some of whom are among us today) who were sent abroad for further studies have encountered similar attitudes of incredulity on the part of those whom they informed about the existence of our association and the activities being undertaken in the field. Last year, we met in Cape Town, S.A., the officials of the IAU (the president, vice president and secretary) together, and when we informed them what was done in Ethiopia in a short time in the field, the president, Mr. Robert Williams, had remarked in amazement and happiness that “Ethiopia always surprises the world.”

Even though, our Association is young – barely eight have elapsed since its establishment – judging from the work that has been accomplished, it comes through as a mature organization with an enormous reputation that has been able to place Ethiopia in the international map of the field (which did not figure therein before). Moreover, it has evolved into an organization whose achievements in the field are eagerly anticipated by the major players in the field.

Our endeavors have brought our country, as well as our association to a decisive point; therefore, ESSS has to make a decisive strategic decision on how to proceed to the next point. The implications of this decision is such that: if the correct decision is made, the effort to develop the science and technology of the field in Ethiopia will be enhanced and Ethiopia’s stake to be a meaningful beneficiary and developer thereof will be greatly satisfied with greater momentum; on the other hand, if the correct decision is not made, inertia will set in and will inevitably be followed by regression. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us to give great thought to the decision that needs to be made.

As such, in an effort to assist in the process of making such an important decision with far reaching consequences, we briefly present hereunder what ESSS has planned to undertake and has accomplished so far. We have also elaborated a reasoned proposition of what ESSS is called to decide upon now.

Ethiopian Space Science Society

Ethiopian space science society was established in 2004, with 47 founding members. It is a non-profitable organization constitute of members from  Astronomy , Astrophysics , Space Science  and  technology  and related  field of professionals  as well as individual and institutional  members interested in  the above fields.  The society has more than 10,000 members, 19 branches and 100 school space clubs.


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