Planetarium project

Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) has a vision of building a strong scientific society in Ethiopia, so that there will be a highly developed scientific culture that enables Ethiopia to reap the benefits accruing from space science and technology. From the time of establishment, the society has been enlightening the public about space science and its benefits to our country. ESSS is now working on building the first ever Planetarium in Ethiopia.

AstroBus Ethiopia

Astro-Bus Ethiopia is a mobile astronomy outreach program that will be carried out by driving a motor vehicle –bus- to different locations in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Space Science Society along with the Astro-bus - Ethiopia Project Group members (numerous Ethiopian and foreign professionals) would be engaged in an outreach program on the areas of Astronomy, Space Science, Technology, Creativity, and Art, Traveling from one city to another. The purpose of the Astro-bus Ethiopia Project is to Introduce and Promote a culture of technological and scientific mentality to the public. That is by developing the scientific thinking of our society, to enable the country’s social and economic development.

Branch Leaders / Club leaders training and workshop

ESSS Branch and school space science clubs are the foundation for ESSS success in meeting its missions and goals. Developing a platform for branch and club leaders to share ideas, techniques, experiences and other best practices on strengthening both administrative and program tasks of their offices; on reaching out to the public; creating a financial stability among many other will enable the leaders to adopt and use proven methodology in their respective branch and clubs. In addition, setting strong culture and precedence of sharing best practices through workshop and trainings in a continuous manner will sustain the society effort in creating strong and functional branch offices.

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