About ESSS

Ethiopian Space Science Society

Ethiopian space science society was established in 2004, with 47 founding members. It is a non-profitable organization constitute of members from  Astronomy , Astrophysics , Space Science  and  technology  and related  field of professionals  as well as individual and institutional  members interested in  the above fields.  The society has more than 10,000 members, 19 branches and 100 school space clubs.


“To make Ethiopia effective and extensive user of space science and technology, especially satellite science and technology applications in all aspects of the development of the country and become contributor to the development of astronomy, space science and related sciences within ten years.”


  • Satisfy all space science and technology, especially satellite science and technology needs of the country fully by 2025.
  • Develop the necessary Capacity and research to be contributor to the development of science and Technology of the field.
  • Build regional, continental and international network to be fast learning country in space science, astronomy and related sciences and technologies.
  • Promote space science, astronomy and related sciences and technologies, by establishing different outreach programs.

Strategic goals to achieve the vision and accomplish the mission:-

  • Develop the human resource of the field, especially of the first priority
    area sufficiently.
  • Build the necessary institutions of training and research of the field.
  • Develop strong link between public and private sector of the field in all aspects to work together to achieve the vision and the mission that enables accelerated development of the field.
  • Develop efficient and effective regional, continental and international collaboration for timely exchange of experience, knowledge and skills to fill the gap to each other.
  • Create awareness of the community; inspire the youth in space science, astronomy and technology, as well as establish strong collaboration with schools, universities, colleges, and etc by setting outreach programs.”


  • Foster the development of competent professionals in the field – from the lowest technician to the technologist and scientist;
  • Build institutional capacity and infrastructure so as to develop competent manpower and conduct research;
  • Take all necessary measures, to create awareness and to develop knowledge and skill in space science and technology;
  • Engage in activities jointly with local and foreign educational and research institutions;
  • Encourage educational and research activities in the field of space science and technology; and to this end, establish an award giving ceremony whereby recognition is accorded to outstanding individuals and institutions;
  • Encourage the adoption and implementation of a policy and strategy concerning space science and related technology;
  • Raise funds and search for other material and support from domestic and foreign donors so as to further the objectives of the society;
  • Encourage space science tourism in Ethiopia.


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