Enhance public participation in society’s roles

  • Established about 19 branches in different Universities across the country
  • Created more than 100 clubs in schools
  • Individual members increased from 47 to more than 10,000
  • Growing interest of institutional members
  • Increased number of volunteers in space activities

International Representation

  • Enable ESSS become membership of the International Astronomical Union (IAU)

Creating awareness, Continuous Educational Camping & Outreach Activities

  • Create Space Science awareness to the country
  • Periodically deliver continuous educational campaign  and outreach program such as
  • Stargazing Nights
  • Space Event
  • Public Talk & lecture series
  • School to school experience sharing programs
  • Summer school training
  • Workshops and teachers training


Society’s contributions for the development of Space Science in Ethiopia

  • Establishment of Entoto Observatory and Research Center and its legal transfer  to the Ethiopian government
  • Initiate and coordinate Lalibela Astronomical Site testing project
  • Played leading role for the establishment of the East African Regional office of Astronomical Development (ROAD) in Addis Ababa
  • Persistently work to promote space science to be an agenda of the government policy

Promoting Space Science Activities 

  • Organize regional and international workshops and conferences
  • Participating on Exhibitions
  • Broadcasting Space science activities of Ethiopia via national and international  Digital and electronics Medias(, EBC, FBC, Addis Tv, BBC, CNN, CCTV, The Gurdian, Repporter, etc)

Foreign Collaboration & Public relation

  • Promote & build Ethiopian image in space regionally and internationally.
  • Have good relation & Collaborations with Space Agencies and Institutes such as NASA, USA and South Korea

Short And Long Term Plan Of The Society

Creating continuous awareness and educational campaign at:-

  • Government policy makers and higher officials at federal and regional level
  • Universities, research institutes ,colleges, and schools communities
  • Investors, industrial and business sectors, and non-governmental organizations
  • Media and communication professionals and to the public at large

  • To take initiatives in participating and consulting the government in adoption and implementation of a space policy and strategy
  • Searching and studying all the potential areas in the country which can be a good candidate for Astronomical observatory sites.
  • Finalizing the Lalibella site test study and start building the International Astronomical observatory
  • Strengthen the society in terms of by:
  • Increasing participation of the youth
  • increasing volunteers
  • increasing branches and clubs
  • finance , materials and support establishing
  • Building Planetarium

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