ESSS General Assembly

The ESSS General Assembly is the biggest annual space event in the country that aims to bring together its members, partners, supporters, young students and other interested individuals to come together and discuss about space science technology and its development in Ethiopia. The General assembly consists of two simultaneous sessions, namely the youth and adult session.

World Space Week

World Space week event is highly requested by the public here in Ethiopia, as it is one of the largest space related events that are open for engagement , presentations , competitions , discussions , exhibitions and so much more. The event not only helps in creating an educational platform for students and the public but also helps promote the importance of Space technology and advancement in Ethiopia

Monthly Stargazing

The monthly Public stargazing program that was launched by the Ethiopian Space Science society from December 2017, is a great way to build a platform where the public can get access to stargazing instruments as well as build a platform where enthusiasts can network and share their experience

Summer School Programs

The Ethiopian Space Science society Summer School training program is a 3 – 7 day intensive training on Basic Astronomy and Space Science; the Training is Open to the General Public that are members of the Ethiopian Space Science Society. The Summer School Training will give the General Public a Perspective on the introduction of Basic Astronomy and Space Science as well as cover different training areas in which the General public will be actively engaged.

Schools Outreach Programs

The Program emphases on educating, engaging, as well as creating a platform for the youth in Public and private schools to understand and expand their knowledge and mentality towards Space technology and importance in Ethiopia. It comprises of scientific lectures and experience sharing to students by professionals and volunteers, Stargazing events, School club presentations and discussions.

Regional Stargazing event

The Program aims to expand this effort to other regions in Ethiopia where our branch offices are located. By providing telescope operation training; introducing application, tools and online platform for learning how to navigate the night sky; and best practice sharing workshops we hope to enable the branch leaders and their members to engage the community at large.

Monthly Public Lectures

public lectures are intended for a general public audience. The purpose of this lectures is to promote and advance the culture of sharing academic researches, scientific findings, mind dazzling ideas and worldwide trending space issues in to our community in formal and continuous setting.

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