welcome to arbaminch

Arba  Minch  University  nestled  at  the  foot  of  Gamo Gofa  Mountain ranges  facing  huge  Abaya  and Chamo  Lakes  in  an  idyllic  surroundings  forms  the part  of  East  African  Rift  Valley;  its  historical foundation dates back to late 1980s.

Arba Minch University is poised to earn the pride of place in the annals of Space Science with Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) opening its branch at Abaya Campus. In its second seminar at Main Campus, on February 27, 2015, six-member Managing Committee was also formed for the upkeep of the branch.

Name : Anteneh Gashaye

Email : antuspace@gmail.com

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Name : Tesema Adamu

Email : tadamu1@gmail.com

Name : Yonas Tetemke

Email : yonastetemeke@gmail.com

Name : Mengesha firdeaweke

Email : mengeshafirdawok@yahoo.com