The Ethiopian Space Science society would once again organize a Summer School training on Basic Astronomy and Space Science from 21th to 25th of August, at Addis Ababa University; Institute of Technology (5 kilo Campus).the Training is Open to the General Public that are members of the Ethiopian Space Science Society.
The Summer School Training will give the General Public a Perspective on the introduction of Basic Astronomy and Space Science as well as cover different training areas in which the General public will be actively engaged.

The Training areas will include

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[ms_list_item]History of Astronomy & Ethiopian Astronomy.[/ms_list_item]

[ms_list_item]Introduction to Earth Observation.[/ms_list_item]

[ms_list_item]Introduction to Space Science.[/ms_list_item]

[ms_list_item]Universe and Space Exploration.[/ms_list_item]

[ms_list_item]Astronomical tools and Software.[/ms_list_item]